• mumus69

    bonjour ma princesse la vérité je pense a toi ta entre dans mon c½ur la premier fois que je vue voila la vérité je rêve être un vrai amour avec toi relation sérieux une adresse skype ou ben chez comment je faire pour toi bisou

  • mumus69

    hello hello how you will you have a beautiful smile. I love you more than anything in the world. With you in my life any more beautiful and strong. You are my soul mate, my heart and my happiness ... I love you. tell me married or alone in life
    I fall in love every time your eyes look deep and tender cross mine Every time I see you I fall in love with you. When you're not around I miss you so much. I think of you every moment. I passionately love you The tenderness of your eyes and your beautiful smiles make me upset in a world of happiness and infinite pleasure. I love you so much. The smile is the beginning of the kiss day is one day want to share my dreams are with you darling filled with joy and happiness you have a skype My little address transition from day to come and tell you
    hello, jy put my flower full of happiness to warm
    your heart to spend a nice day ... dear friend, welcome to the site I hope you read then I have your skype and yahoo here mine belareg_m
    big kiss...

  • Anonyme

    Coucou tu voudrais gagner de l'argent ? Franchement ?

  • salut c'est moi ricolebeau qui te fait un petit coucou

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